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Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X – which console is faster? – test

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S are the first consoles to use SSD drives, so players can count on faster loading times, and thus, among other things, a quick resumption of the game. However, how do the most powerful devices from Sony and Microsoft fare in direct combat? Check out an interesting test in the video below:

Looking at the test conducted by ElAnalistaDeBits, which compares both consoles, you can see which functions work more efficiently on competing consoles of the latest generation.

PS5 vs XBOX Series X – speed comparison

The test has been divided into several stages:

  • Turn on – Cold start fell out with a few seconds’ benefit for the XSX. The console was ready for operation less than 5 seconds faster.
  • Rest mode / Restarting from sleep mode – here the advantage of the Microsoft console is significant. It took just over 2 seconds to run, and the latest version of the Playstation over 13 seconds.
  • Reboot – in this category the product of the Redmond team turned out to be better, which was over 9 seconds faster than the Sony console
  • Digital Game / Installing games – digital version – the Japanese console turned out to be faster, which coped with the installation by almost 3 minutes and 40 seconds better. It is worth noting, however, that the same XBOX game needs a little more disk space
  • Uninstall – when uninstalling a PS5 game, it was ahead of the competing console by a fraction of a second
  • Start Game (digital) – the Sony console, which is more than 2 times faster than the Microsoft console, copes much faster with the launch of the game in the digital edition
  • Quick resume – this confrontation was in favor of XBOX, which launched the game over 3 seconds faster
  • Disc Install – game installation from disc – here again the SONY machine turned out to be unbeatable. PS5 managed to install the game from disc in 12min 46sec, while XSX installed the game in almost 31min. As in the case of installing a digital version, the difference is significant.
  • Start of the game from the disc – PS5 emerges victorious from the duel again and is nearly 30 seconds ahead of the Microsoft console


Microsoft’s console was better at managing the system (start, restart, sleep mode), but usually it was a few seconds difference. However, it was Sony’s console that was able to install, load and run games much faster. So who is the winner of this clash? Looking at the dry score, the result is 4: 4, but each console has its advantages and disadvantages and, as usual in the case of competing products opinions will be divided.